Having Backup Power for Your Incubator

This isn't necessarily something you might think of your first time hatching or even your tenth time. You don't really think about it until it is too late and you lose an incubator of eggs. Having backup power for your incubator is a must.

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Having Backup Power for Your Incubator

Not everyone lives where power outages are a big concern, I understand and know this. However, where I live we lose power, sometimes it's rare, but more often than not we lose power with storms, winter storms, or hurricanes.

I have not lost eggs in a power outage at this point. My incubator has the option to switch over to a 9V battery and I have used this option during a planned outage.

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Backup Power Options

An inverter: You could do this two ways: car battery with an inverter or buy a converter for your vehicle. With your vehicle, you will have to run your vehicle every so often to keep it warm. This isn't the best option, but it can work.

UPS Battery Backup Surge Protector: Marketed toward computers, this would be the best backup power option for your incubator in my option. Plug your incubator into this and this into the wall for peace of mind while incubator then you don't have to rush around trying to get something set up.

Generator: We invested in a used generator for our home last winter just in case we needed it. The power did flicker during a storm, and I quickly was able to get everything set up just in case.

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If you do lose power, cover your incubator with a warm blanket and move it, if possible, into a warmer area of your home.

I like to check for planned outages before I start my incubator up, it isn't always foolproof but if one is planned I can either wait or have a plan in place.

Spring is usually a safe bet for incubating, and honestly, my best time to hatch getting them out of their brooders into warm coops and runs, and for getting eggs throughout the winter from new layers.

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