Do Your Quail Need More Calcium?

An unassuming building entrance feels like any other workspace, yet it’s private. And it’s a decoy for our famous artists.

Gateways to individual recording studios with their own private lounges and concierges are the special touches.

Crushed Up Eggshells

This is the fastest, most accessible way for getting more calcium into our quail. Eggshells are readily available in our home.

I sprinkle the ground-up eggshell over their wild game feed, which they quickly eat up as a treat. It isn’t something I give them all the time, just when I get a soft, or shell-less, egg.

Feed your laying chickens oyster shells or limestone. Simply put the oyster shell or limestone in a separate container and allow birds access free choice. Your girls will take what they need.

Fresh vegetables can be a great source of calcium for your Coturnix quail. Now your birds might not gobble them down like chickens or turkeys but they will peak away at them.