Homemade Foam Cooler Egg Incubator

Incubators can be costly, you can make a homemade foam cooler egg incubator for a fraction of the cost.

Instead of spending another $90 (CAD) for another small incubator, we made one for $42 (CAD).

Basic wiring knowledge is required. Or YouTube.

What you need: – foam cooler with lid – we bought ours at a grocery store – scrap wood for the platform frame – chicken wire – 3-prong plug cord – thermostat – ceiling base – plexiglass – small fan

Make sure to add a dish or sponge with water for humidity. Make sure you are topping it up every few days.

We currently have had better success with the homemade incubator than we have with the one we bought.

Keeping the humidity up for hatch/lockdown can be difficult, I recommend a sponge soaked in water to help keep levels where they should be.

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