Freezing Food: Everything You Need

Freezing food is an effective way to preserve the food you grow in your garden or buy on sale from stores.

Freezing is super easy with only a few required items.

Cookie sheets provide a flat surface for freezing small foods like berries or foods chopped/sliced in pieces, such as fruit and bell peppers.

To prevent things from sticking to your cookie sheets use wax paper to line your cookie sheets when you freeze. Your food will slide right off once frozen.

These are really handy for freezing non-liquid foods like berries, chopped vegetables, and herbs. Get the freezer bags as they are stronger and thicker than just zip-top storage bags.

You can freeze food in any freezer, but if you have a large quantity that you’re going to be dipping into all winter, a chest freezer, or just a separate upright freezer in your garage or basement, can be very helpful.

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