Frugal Living Tips

One way to do that is to practice some of these depression era frugal living tips. It's a way of life that’s focused on spending money wisely.

Here are some of our best tips for frugal living, so that you can start making the most of your money.

Reduce Wasteful Spending

This is a hard one for many, especially for those that use shopping for a dopamine response.

Grow A Garden

Starting a garden of fruits and vegetables that you and your family will eat is a great way to stretch your grocery budget.

Look for Sales

Our grocery stores have clearance sections and I love them! Yes, the produce might be getting close to going bad, but how can I utilize it and save money for our family? I preserve it!

Preserve Food

You can get great deals when you buy in bulk. It can also help to go in on items with another family to help offset both the cost and the amount you will have.

Stock a Frugal Pantry

It ensures you have ingredients on hand to make something,  anything at a moment's notice, instead of running out and buying more food or eating out.

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