Growing an Herb Garden Outdoors

No matter what you are going to use them for, fresh herbs are the best choice. You can easily grow an herb garden outdoors with a little knowledge and a plan.

The location of your herb garden is very important. Consider using pots so that you can easily move them inside if needed for inclement weather.

You can get that soil from any garden store. It’s easy to find and easy to use.

Determine which herbs you want to plant. If you use the pot method instead of putting them directly into the ground, you can plant anything you want.

If you’re starting from seeds, you’ll probably need to get them started inside to baby them a little.

A little water each day is best for herbs. Too much or too little will do more harm and leave you without fresh herbs.

Research your herb so that you know how to prune it properly as it’s growing to get the most from it and how to properly harvest herbs.