Spring Garden Planning

I feel like I am always playing catch-up when it comes to gardening. It can be hard to know exactly when to start your planting, inside and out. Spring garden planning is going to make your growing season easier with less stress. Planning is always the key to successful growing.

Spring Garden Planning

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Spring Garden Planning

I have also been ordering seeds since November for the coming season, ordering them as I think of new ones that I would like to try growing this year.

Make a Plan

I have been planning our 2022 garden since harvest 2021. It started with deciding what I wanted to replant and what I didn't want to grow again.

Spend some time in your catalogs and place some orders for summer seeds and bulbs. Decide what you want to grow this year. Plan out where you are going to plant things in your garden, according to what they need. More sun, more shade, etc.

Clean Up Garden Area

Here in Nova Scotia, we get snow and rain, and sun all in one day sometimes, plus a good amount of wind. This all means that the garden area gets a lot of stuff blown into it.

About a month before planting I like to go out and clean up the garden and greenhouse. This is a good time to take stock of what your soil may need.

  • clean up all the winter debris: things like fallen tree branches, sticks, rocks, and whatever else is left over from winter
  • clean out the leftover leaves from the fall
  • rake off the beds
  • pull weeds
  • deadhead flowers you left for the birds
Spring Garden Planning

Ready the Garden Soil

Make sure that your garden soil is ready for planting either seed directly, or transplanting into it. About a month before you want to add compost or other materials such as more soil if needed, grass clippings, mulch, etc.

Last Frost

Know when your last frost will be. This is super important to know for when you are going to start planting – both inside and outside.

Start your seeds inside for a longer growing season, to give them a boost in the garden. But make sure that you harden off your seedlings before planting them outside. You will lose them if you put them out all day and leave them.

Start them outside on a nice sunny day. One hour to start, increasing the time you leave them out before planting.

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