Growing Fodder

It’s an easy healthy treat, and something your kids can help out with too. Learn how to grow fodder for your birds now.

If you’re raising chickens or other livestock, you know that animal feed can get quite expensive. Growing fodder to supplement their diet is an easy endeavor and one that will keep your flock happy.

One of the best reasons for sprouting grains into fodder is that it helps stretch your animal feed budget. Fifty pounds of whole grain can be transformed into as much as 300 pounds of fodder simply by sprouting it.

Soak grain in a bucket of water overnight. Cover the grains with about two inches of water. How much grain to soak depends on the size of your trays and how many you’re filling.

You’ll see roots within the first couple of days, followed by greens. The growing fodder is edible at any point.

You can start your trays on different days to keep them growing at different times, keeping your birds in fodder.

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