Homestead Gardening for Beginners

As a beginner gardener, it’s easy to get carried away by the possibilities of a homestead garden! Here are some tips for homestead gardening for beginners.

You don’t want your first garden to be large and overwhelming. You want to enjoy it, and learn from a small investment.

Think about what you are planting and then think about your yard.

Containers. Raised beds. In-ground. There are things to think about. We have all 3.

I age our chicken manure for our garden. We work our garden as best we can. But we also buy seeds or plants that work for our soil type, such as carrots that grow fatter than longer.

Pick plants that are easy to grow, but that you are going to eat.

What is your weather like, do you get hurricanes? Do you live where deer or rabbits are going to be munching in your garden?