Homesteading Skills to Start Learning

There are homesteading skills to start learning before you are even on your homestead. And skills to pick up once you are on your homestead.

Gardening: Learn how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in various climates.

Food preservation: Master techniques such as canning, drying, and fermenting to store your harvest.

Animal care: Learn about the basic needs, feeding, and health maintenance of common homestead animals.

Sewing and mending: Learn how to mend clothes, make simple repairs, and sew basic items.

Foraging: Acquire knowledge about wild edible plants and mushrooms in your area.

Fencing: Learn to build and repair fences to secure your property and protect livestock.

Understand the principles of greenhouse gardening for extended growing seasons.

Herbal medicine: Learn to identify and use medicinal plants for common ailments and first aid.

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