30 Homesteading Skills to Start Learning

Inside: There are homesteading skills to start learning before you are even on your homestead. And skills to pick up once you are on your homestead.

Maybe you are still trying to move to your forever home, or maybe you just moved to your homestead. Either way, it's time to start learning. There are homesteading skills to start learning before you are even on your homestead. And skills to pick up once you are on your homestead.

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30 Homesteading Skills to Start Learning

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Skills to Learn Before Getting a Homestead

Why not take advantage of this time to brush up on your homesteading skills? Trust me, it'll definitely come in handy when you finally get your own piece of land. So, why not use this opportunity to slowly work towards gaining those skills?

You may not realize it, but that is a great time to start building homesteading skills even if you are in a town or a city.

  1. Gardening: Learn how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in various climates.
  2. Food preservation: Master techniques such as canning, drying, and fermenting to store your harvest.
  3. Cooking from scratch: Develop skills in cooking meals using fresh ingredients and basic pantry staples.
  4. Composting: Understand the process of turning organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.
  5. Animal care: Learn about the basic needs, feeding, and health maintenance of common homestead animals like chickens or goats.
  6. Basic carpentry: Acquire skills in simple woodworking tasks for building and repairing structures or crafting tools.
  7. Sewing and mending: Learn how to mend clothes, make simple repairs, and sew basic items.
  8. Basic plumbing: Familiarize yourself with plumbing systems and learn to fix common issues.
  9. Energy efficiency: Understand energy-saving techniques such as insulation, weatherproofing, and efficient heating/cooling.
  10. First aid and emergency preparedness: Learn basic first aid skills and how to handle common emergencies on a homestead.
  11. Foraging: Acquire knowledge about wild edible plants and mushrooms in your area.
  12. Basic electrical work: Learn how to safely wire switches, outlets, and basic electrical repairs.
  13. Beekeeping: Gain knowledge about beekeeping practices and maintaining honeybee colonies.
  14. Soap making: Learn the art of making natural soaps for personal use or potential income.
  15. Permaculture: Study the principles of permaculture design to create sustainable and self-sufficient systems.
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Skills for Homesteaders Just Getting Started

  1. Fencing: Learn to build and repair fences to secure your property and protect livestock.
  2. Rainwater harvesting: Understand how to collect and store rainwater for various uses on your homestead.
  3. Milking: Learn the proper techniques for milking dairy animals, such as goats or cows.
  4. Seed saving: Develop skills in harvesting, drying, and storing seeds from your garden for future planting.
  5. Food preservation (advanced): Expand your knowledge of food preservation techniques like root cellaring, smoking, and making jerky.
  6. Herbal medicine: Learn to identify and use medicinal plants for common ailments and first aid.
  7. Basic mechanics: Acquire skills in maintaining and repairing small engines, tools, and machinery.
  8. Firewood preparation: Learn proper techniques for felling trees, cutting firewood, and operating a chainsaw.
  9. Small-scale carpentry: Enhance your woodworking skills for building small structures like chicken coops or raised beds.
  10. Off-grid living: Familiarize yourself with alternative energy sources and systems for self-sufficient living.
  11. Livestock breeding: Learn about animal breeding practices to sustain and improve your homestead livestock.
  12. Cheesemaking: Acquire skills in making cheese from the milk of your homestead animals.
  13. Greenhouse gardening: Understand the principles of greenhouse gardening for extended growing seasons.
  14. Food forest establishment: Learn how to design and establish a productive and diverse food forest on your homestead.
  15. Advanced composting: Master techniques like vermicomposting or hot composting for faster decomposition and nutrient recycling.

Do I know all of these things after homesteading for a few years? Nope. But not everything applies to me or will apply to you. I don't currently have any animals to milk or make cheese from.

I also have a great husband who is my partner in homesteading and takes care of a lot of these things, like mechanics and plumbing. You don't need every skill, but it doesn't hurt to have as much knowledge as you can.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I become a modern homesteader? Modern homesteading is all about embracing a self-reliant way of life, where we strive to be independent and self-sufficient while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    What is a homesteader? Homesteading lifestyle means embracing self-sufficiency. Preserving our own food at home, and even indulging in the delightful creation of textiles, clothing, and artisan crafts for both personal use and sharing with others.

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