Easy Ways to Use Extra Eggs

I do not like to waste food. But sometimes our chickens are on the ball and I have more eggs than I know what to do with. Spring and the beginning of autumn or whenever they finish their molt seem to be our egg-heavy time. This leads me to find ways to use extra eggs.

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Easy Ways to Use Extra Eggs

Whether you are trying to work through your own backyard flock of eggs, or you’re looking to help out a neighbor or local farmer who has too many, here are some ways to use those eggs before they spoil.

Remember, farm-fresh eggs that have not been washed last a long time! In fact, they last around two weeks unrefrigerated, and about three months or more in your refrigerator. So don't feel like you have to rush to use them.

Preserve Eggs for Winter Months

Although not as common as it once was, preserving eggs is a great way to extend their shelf life. Personally, we have been water-glassing our spring eggs to hold us over in the winter when they aren't laying to keep up with our consumption. If that feels outside your comfort zone, there’s always pickling.

You can also freeze raw eggs, out of their shells, for up to one year.

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Recipes you might want to look into:

Easy Pan Baked Eggs – this uses 15 eggs!

Breakfast Recipes Using Extra Eggs

Dessert Recipes Using Extra Eggs

Cloud Bread Recipe – this uses 4 eggs at a time

Potato Salad – my favorite use!

Eggs You Aren't Comfortable Eating

It happened just the other day, the eggs that had been put outside in a cooler were left outside for sale and were forgotten overnight. Knowing they were a week or so old I decided that we would replace those. Yes, I could have easily checked to see if they were still good. But…

We boiled them and feed them back to our birds. Eggs are a great source of protein, and when you have birds molting, they need more protein. I have no problem feeding our flock our extra eggs. I feed them, they feed me.

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