Quail Eggs for Dogs

I had no idea quail eggs for dogs was a thing, that they were good for dogs, or that people feed them to their dogs. But here is a use for quails that I didn't know about until we started raising quail and people started asking if we were raising them for our dogs to eat their eggs.

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Quail Eggs for Dogs

You have a number of quail laying eggs now, and you are probably wondering just what to do with them.

There are a number of things you can do with quail eggs in your kitchen for yourself:

  • Boil them for 4 minutes for egg sandwiches, potato salad, or bite-size boiled eggs
  • Use in baking, 3-4 eggs are equal to one chicken egg
  • Use them as you would chicken eggs in general
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If you're looking for a way to switch up your dog's diet, you might want to consider quail eggs. That's right – quail eggs for dogs!

Not only are they a great source of nutrition, but they can also be a fun treat for your furry friend. Here's everything you need to know about feeding quail eggs to your dog.

Why Feed Quail Eggs to Your Dogs

Quail eggs are a good source of protein that provides energy in dogs, repairs damaged tissues and aids in muscle development.

Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are less likely to trigger allergies in dogs; the protein quail eggs contain functions as an anti-histamine.

One or two small eggs are about perfect for small dogs. Larger breeds can probably handle a few more. You can feed your dog quail eggs every day.

Quail eggs tend to have harder shells which is supposed to be good for their teeth as well.

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Can I Feed My Dog Raw Quail Eggs

When it comes to raw foods, you might be worried about salmonella bacteria. Thankfully, quails have a higher body temperature than chickens, so they don’t pass on this harmful bacteria to the eggs.

Meaning, yes, you can definitely feed raw eggs to your dog! Just toss a couple in with their feed in the morning and they'll be happy!

Dogs Eat Boiled Quail Eggs

Yes, hard-boiled eggs can be a special treat for your fur baby. They contain essential vitamins for healthy skin.

Just like everything else new that you give your dog, you should supervise them when you first give them quail eggs, whether raw or boiled. You'll also want to keep an eye on them to make sure they do not have an allergic reaction later on.

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