How to Tell if Your Eggs are Fertilized

This is something you really want to know before you set up your incubator and your hopes. Here are a couple of ways to tell if your eggs are fertilized.

You have decided that you want to incubate some eggs, once you have an incubator, it’s time to pick some eggs to incubate. How do you pick eggs?

In order to have fertilized eggs, you first need to have a rooster in with your hens. Very important if you want fertilized eggs. Your hens will lay eggs without having a rooster with them.

Once you crack your egg, look at the yolk. You will see a white dot. If your egg is fertilized you will see a white circle around that white dot. A target.

The oldest and easiest way to tell if an egg is fertilized is called candling the egg. It is holding the egg up to a very bright small flashlight.

If the egg appears opaque, it is probably a fertilized egg. By opaque, I mean, you can’t really see through the egg or it is much cloudier than all of the others.

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