Indoor Herb Growing

Growing herbs can be a fun and delicious way to start your gardening experience. Herb gardens are fairly easy to start and maintain.

To keep herbs alive, they need soil that is full of nutrients, sunlight or artificial light, and of course water. Balancing water and light is the key to growing a healthy herb garden.

Growing herbs indoors is a much easier task than you might think. Especially with some of the done-for-you set-ups, you can buy at your local gardening store, or even on Amazon, you’ll be an expert grower quickly.

Which Herbs Grow Best Indoors? Besides the herbs listed above, basil, cilantro, and parsley are lovely indoor herbs.

Almost all herbs are fairly easy to grow. Just make sure they have adequate sunlight, good drainage, and the proper amount of water and you will be enjoying your herbs in a flash.

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