When to Move Chicks into a Coop

Moving chicks into a coop with an existing flock. Rushing it can cause your chicks to be killed by your existing flock, and no one wants that to happen.

You need to take things slow. You cannot just throw a bunch of 6-week-old chicks into your existing flock.

You want to make sure that your nights aren't too cold, I try to wait until nights are consistently above 8C.

If you are free-ranging your flock once you have moved your chicks to the coop, you need to keep them locked in the coop for about a week. This allows them time to get used to where “home” is.

Before you move your chicks to the coop with adult birds it might be a good idea to let your chicks get used to fresh air and the noises outside. This is why we use a grow-out coop.

I put a rabbit hutch in a chicken run for them to experience the great outdoors without worrying about predators or other chickens harming the chicks.

I also use the grow out as a place for the chicks to hide behind later on when the full grown birds get to be too much.

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