Raising Turkeys and Chickens Together

Turkeys and chickens can coexist peacefully and even benefit from each other's company in a free-range setting.

Raising turkeys and chickens together can be advantageous due to many different things. From their sizes, their diets, their coop needs, and more.

They can forage in the same areas without issue assuming you have a large enough area for them to free-range in.

Another benefit is that turkeys and chickens can provide mutual protection from predators. Turkeys are larger and more aggressive than chickens, which can deter predators like foxes and raccoons.

Since turkeys and chickens have different feeding habits, it's best to provide separate feeders and waterers to avoid competition.

Keep an eye on the birds to make sure they're getting along and there aren't any issues with aggression or bullying.

You are going to have some pecking order fights, some feather pulling, etc. It's normal. It will happen in a run with your chickens alone.

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