Water Glassing Eggs

There are a number of ways you can preserve eggs from then such as water glassing eggs.

Any type of fresh, unwashed, clean eggs will work for water glassing. But not store-bought eggs as those have been scrubbed clean.

You do not have to collect all your eggs the same day you make the water glassing solution. You can add eggs as you gather them.

1 quart of water glassing solution will cover about 15 chicken eggs.

– Airtight Container (Glass Jar or Food Grade Bucket) – Kitchen Scale (for measuring the pickling lime) – Pickling Lime – Water (Natural or Distilled: must be chlorine-free and fluoride-free) – Eggs (Fresh, Clean, Unwashed)

Mix Water and Pickling Lime (1-quart water to 1-ounce lime ratio). In your chosen container, add a ratio of 1-quart water and 1-ounce lime.  (This ratio is going to be used no matter how much of the solution you make.)

Your water-glassed eggs should be washed well before using them because ingesting pickling lime is not good for you.  You should look out for any cracks in your eggs.