What Can Quail Eat?

Once you figure out what quail can eat they are really easy to take care of.

Despite the quail’s fragile appearance and reputation, they are quite hardy creatures that are relatively easy to feed.

Coturnix quail are picky eaters, but once you understand what quails eat and what they need, it all makes sense.

Quail are considered granivores. Granivores have a diet that consists mainly of grains and seeds.

If you aren’t familiar with your quails’ dietary needs, consider merely sticking to commercial feed formulated for game birds until you are a bit more experienced.

Quail, just like chickens like treats too. One of their favorite treats is mealworms. just like with chickens you don’t want to feed them too many.

Quail like seeds and greens. They enjoy millet, they enjoy fresh herbs you can grow for them. They are relatively easy to care for and feed, both their main feed and feeding them treats.