What to Do with Eggshells

When you have a lot of chickens and quail and are eating their eggs it would only seem that you probably have a lot of eggshells as well.

What do you do with all the eggshells? Compost for sure, but there are more things you can do with them around your homestead.

Always remember to use farm-raised chicken eggs. It’s best if you know where your eggs come from because factory-farmed eggs have higher amounts of bacteria, such as salmonella than backyard chickens.

Did you know you can use eggshells to start growing your garden? They are the perfect, most affordable “container” to start your seeds in.

Chickens and quail need calcium in their diet to produce the hard-shelled eggs. Crushing and feeding the eggshells back to the chickens is like giving them a calcium vitamin each day.

Many gardeners also tout the use of crushed shells as a snail and slug repellent. But a recent test by All About Slugs seems to have dispelled this. Having tried this method before, I am not surprised by this test.