Caring for Quail in the Summer

Inside: Caring for quail in the summer is more about making sure they haven't run out of water than providing them with cold treats.

There isn't a whole lot that you need to change season to season when caring for Coturnix quail. Caring for quail in the summer is more about making sure they haven't run out of water than providing them with cold treats.

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Caring for Quail in the Summer

I find quail to be very easy to care for in the summer. We don't get extremely hot here in the summer, but we sure do it humidity.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to summer heat and raising Coturnix quail.

Provide Shade

You'll want to keep your quail in the shade. Whether this is keeping their cage in a shady or providing some shade for their cage. Yes, sunlight helps with egg production, but you do want to keep them in the shade to keep them cool.

Freshwater Available

When you are hot, fresh, cool water helps you, right? Same for your quail. Make sure that they always have water available. I understand you are thinking you always have water available for them but remember that they will be drinking more in the summer and it will be evaporating in the summer heat.

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Substrate for Dust Baths

Dirt bathing helps to cool your quail down. It helps to keep them clean despite the dirt part of it. In the summer I use play sand in our cages. It's cool, easy to come by, and best of all for me, it doesn't smell as bad as soiled pine shavings.

Bonus: Cool Treats

You can definitely give your quail treats in the summer too. They love slices of cucumber, banana, and peaches. One of my quails' favorite treats is green clovers. We are lucky to have a lot growing here so I grab handfuls of them as a treat. My quails go crazy for them.

As temperatures rise, these small birds are at risk of heat stress and other health issues. Therefore, quail owners must understand the unique needs of their birds during this season and take necessary measures to ensure their well-being. It's not hard once you get into a routine.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How hot is too hot for quail? These birds can handle a fair bit of heat, but when the mercury rises above 95°F (35°C), they can start to feel the strain.

    How do I know if my quail is overheating? Look for excessive panting.

    When can quail go without a heat lamp? All this is determined on your climate, but the main rule of thumb is 3 weeks old. At 3 weeks they are fully feathered and no longer need a heat source.

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