Gardening with Kids

We love to garden with our kids. While they are great little workers, it can be a little more work for you, or take twice as long as if you did it all yourself. But gardening with kids can be great for them and you. They get to learn, we get to create memories, usually muddy, dirty memories.

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Gardening with Kids

While kids of all ages can help with gardening, there are some basic skills that are important to learn before digging in. I recommend starting your kids in the garden as young as possible. This is a great way to get kids started and interested in gardening.

Kids are willing to help and are absorbing all of the knowledge they can. Kids learn by being involved in what they are learning versus what they are told or even just shown.

While it depends on the gardening zone you live in, most will begin garden preparations in March if you are going to start with seeds. Let your children pick what they want to grow and get the seeds started indoors.

Growing from seed is a great way to teach kids about the germination process and how growing seeds work. Starting from seeds lets you and your child follow the entire lifecycle from seed to sprout to flower and finally the fruit.

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Allow your kids to help with pulling weeds and adding mulch to the soil also. As kids, most of us loved getting our hands dirty – our kids are no different!

When it is time to plant the sprouts outside, let them in on that fun, too. Teach them how big of a hole to dig and how to water a seedling for the best results.

Children, like adults, love to see the fruits of their labor. Allowing your children in on the process gives them something to feel proud about and maybe even to show off.

This is a great time to bond and connect with your children while teaching them a life skill they will keep with them forever. Your children will cherish the moments you spend together in the garden, even after they’re grown and have kids of their own.

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