What Your Herb Garden Needs

You probably already have a lot of the things you need for growing herbs right at home. The rest is seeds and knowledge. And I'm going to help out with a little of that today so we all have the right things your herb garden needs to grow well.

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What Your Herb Garden Needs

When deciding to start growing herbs, the next thing you need to do is figure out what supplies you need to buy. You may be able to find some things at home that you can use, at second-hand stores, as well as at the garden store.

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If you want to grow herbs from seeds, they can be purchased from many stores like grocery stores, big box stores, and the more traditional garden stores.

You can also order them online via Amazon kits, they have many herb kits including a herbal tea growing kit. The important thing is to buy seeds from someone you trust.


You’re going to need some space to grow herbs. If you’re doing it indoors, you’ll need shelving that allows you to either move the plants to a window for direct light or that offers space for grow lights to be added.

If you want to do it outdoors, you can even use a little portable outdoor greenhouse for your herb garden.

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The best pots to grow herbs in are pots that allow for easy irrigation. Terracotta pots are a good choice because they soak in water and help keep your seeds from drying out. They also hav a drain hole in the bottom.

Potting Soil

You can go to any garden supply store or box store to find the right soil. Most of the time premixed potting soil is enough for your herb garden.


If your water is treated a lot or has a high level of limestone in it, you may need to ensure you have filtered water to use.


Some herbs, such as basil, need full sun to grow, but others don’t. Learn everything you can about the particular herb that you’re planting to find out how to properly care for it.

You can also use grow lights to help simulate the same thing that the sun does for plants.

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Some people don’t realize it, but your herb plants also need darkness to fulfill the entire plant day cycle to grow properly. Make sure that you turn off grow lights in the house at night.

It may take some practice to get it right. Growing your own herbs at home is a wonderful way to brighten up your cooking. It took me a few years to get all my herbs to grow to their best.

Don't give up when a plant dies. Figure out what went wrong and adjust from there.

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