Homemade Quail Feed

If you're a quail farmer, or even if you just have a few quail as backyard pets, you know that finding the perfect feed can be difficult. But what if we told you that you could make your own homemade quail feed right at home?

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Homemade Quail Feed

We'll show you how to do just that. With a few simple ingredients, you can create a nutritious and delicious quail feed that will keep your birds healthy and happy.

I am not an expert, not a vet, I am not going to guarantee this for your quail. But it is an option for feeding your birds. I do buy feed at this time for all of our birds.

To make quail food, the ingredients should contain protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and minerals.

Granivores have a diet that consists mainly of grains and seeds. However, this does not mean that they won’t eat the kind of things that most birds enjoy, like bugs, worms, and plant matter. 

Homemade Quail Feed Recipes

I found two different recipes you are welcome to try. I think both of these options are probably more to make than buying a bag of feed from your local feed supply store. Personally, we have NOT made our own feed like this, and I have no plans to do so at this point.

Option #1:

  • 27kg maize
  • 15kg fish mineral
  • 35kg wheat
  • 15kg cotton seed cake
  • 3kg oil
  • 0.3kg methionine
  • 0.4kg lysine
  • 1kg DCP powder
  • 2.8kg calcium carbonate
  • 0.25kg multivitamins
  • 0.25kg minerals

Option #2:

  • 410lbs corn
  • 480 lbs soybean
  • 110lbs wheat middlings
  • 8lbs limestone
  • 4lbs salt
  • 20lbs dicalcium phosphate
  • 1.5lbs dl methionine
  • 2.5lbs vitamin premix
  • 1.0lbs mineral premix

Grab a printable copy of the recipes here! I noticed that the amounts don't always show for some, so this is a quick fix for everyone. Both recipes are on one printable page.

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Other Options for Homemade Quail Feed

These are both ways to help reduce the cost of feeding your quail, not by any means a way to remove having a feed in their diet.

Growing fodder is another great way to create your own source of food for your quail. It is low cost because you can grow it from just about anything. You'll want to have a good setup where you consistently have fodder on hand for your birds.

Mealworm farming is another way to have a feed supply for your birds. You can Google how to do this. My oldest gave this a try but we didn't stick with it for long.

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