Uses for Mason Jars on Your Homestead

Inside: Explore creative ways to use Mason jars on your homestead. From storage to decor, discover versatile ideas and get inspired!

Uses for mason jars are endless, from canning homemade goods like jams and jellies to storing wet and dry cooking ingredients. Owing to their airtight lid design and heat-resistant glass construction, mason jars are also great for holding liquids and just about anything that will fit in them.

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Uses for Mason Jars on Your Homestead

Let's talk about some of the uses for mason jars outside of canning. Because jars are meant for canning, that is just one of the many different ways you can use them in your home.

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General Use

Hydroponic Cover Lids – I just discovered these. I will be buying some at some point without a doubt, probably to put them down in the greenhouse. You can use the Aerogarden pods with these. They are designed for the pods to fit into them perfectly.

Drinking Lids – You can get one that is more of a hot drink, think coffee, type lid. But you can also get tops with straws, perfect for smoothies or water or whatever!

Bathroom Accessories – Toothpaste holder, soap dispenser, plus two lids for apothecary storage jars. These fit on your jars to turn your own mason jars into easy, simple storage.

Flower Vase – This is a great piece to add to your mason jar before adding your flowers. It allows you to arrange your flowers easier, without them just kinda falling wherever.

In the Kitchen

Honey Dipper – Mason jar honey dipper lids can transform your mason jar into your new favorite honey pot, you can easily drizzle honey on food without making a mess, not only providing a convenient and attractive way to store and serve honey but also keeping the honey safely sealed in the honey pot when not in use.

Grater/Shredder Lid – this is pretty cool! You can shred cheese and store it in the fridge instead of shredding it as you need it.

Oil Dispenser – Transform the classic Ball Mason Jar into an Elegant Oil Cruet and Dispenser with no-drip spout and a convenient plug lid.

Sprouting Lids – this would have been so much easier when growing sprouts for my quail. There are a few different styles so you can pick whatever style works best for you.

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Shaker Lids – These mason jar shaker lids are ideal for kitchen use, providing you with countless possibilities. They can not only be used as spice dispensers, and flour sifters, but also can be used as cocktail shakers, allowing you to make and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at home with family and friends.

Juicer – This is another great tool for your home. Once you have juiced your oranges, limes, or lemons, and maybe you don't use all the juice, you can snap on a lid and store it in the fridge until you need it.

Mason Jar Spiralizer – place one of the three vegetable slicer blades on top of your favorite wide-mouth jar and screw on your existing ring to secure the veggie slicer blade.

Pitcher Jar – Twist on one of these handles and turn your jar into a juice, or milk, or water pitcher. These make pouring easy for everyone.

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