Approved Canning Methods

There are various methods and recipes for canning foods. Make sure you use approved canning methods to keep everyone safe.

Canning allows you to store food for later use, and it also makes a great gift for friends and family.

Pressure Canning

Foods that are less acidic need to be pressure canned.

Foods that should be canned using a pressure canner include:

– Asparagus – Corn – Meat – Fish – Potatoes – Carrots – Cabbage – Spinach – Kale – Green beans – Peas – Beans (such as pinto or   kidney) – Apples – Pears

Hot Water Bath

Some foods do just fine when simmered in a hot water bath. 

Hot water canning high-acid foods, such as the following:

– Berries – Tomatoes – Citrus fruits – Pineapple – Cucumber pickles (the   vinegar in the recipe makes   the food very acidic)

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