Quail Eggs are Good for You

Both quail eggs and quail meat are of very high quality, nutritious, and delicious also. Both meat and eggs have been gaining in popularity because they provide important minerals and vitamins. Plus, quail are great layers, an egg a day from these little birds.

For their size, quail eggs have large yolks and because many of the nutrients in eggs are found in the yolk, some people claim that quail eggs are more nutrient-dense than chicken eggs. Meaning they contain more nutrients when compared by weight.

Quail eggs may help treat allergies because of the presence of ovomucoid (a protein in an egg), an enzyme (trypsin) inhibitor. Quail eggs are rich in antioxidants and vitamin B. These nutrients may improve metabolism as they are involved in various cellular processes, such as cell growth and cell regulation.

There are many great benefits to raising quail, one of those is getting to eat fresh quail eggs. Quail eggs are a healthy alternative to chicken eggs that are packed with health benefits.

When we first started talking about raising birds for eggs quail came up and I fell for these little birds. There are is a lot of nutrient value-packed in these small eggs.