Quail Eggs for Dogs

I had no idea quail eggs for dogs was a thing, that they were good for dogs, or that people feed them to their dogs.

Quail eggs are a good source of protein that provides energy in dogs, repairs damaged tissues, and aids in muscle development.

Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are less likely to trigger allergies in dogs; the protein quail eggs contain functions as an anti-histamine.

One or two small eggs are about perfect for small dogs. Larger breeds can probably handle a few more. You can feed your dog quail eggs every day.

Quail eggs tend to have harder shells which is supposed to be good for their teeth as well.

You can feed raw eggs to your dog, OR boil them!

Just like everything else new that you give your dog, you should supervise them when you first give them quail eggs, whether raw or boiled.

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