Power Outage While Incubating Eggs

What do you do if you have a power outage while incubating eggs? Learn the steps to take and how long your eggs can last.

In most cases, fertile eggs can tolerate a short-term power loss without significant harm.

If the power outage persists for an extended period, the internal temperature of the incubator will start to decrease, potentially harming the developing embryos.

If the power outage is expected to be brief, keeping the incubator closed will help retain heat.

Consider investing in backup power sources, such as generators or battery-powered incubators, to prevent similar issues in the future.

How long can eggs survive in an incubator without power?


Embryos have survived at temperatures as low as 70°F for a short time. Some embryos can survive at temperatures below 90°F for up to 18 hours, so do not give up.

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