5 Edible Berry Bushes for Your Homestead

This year we are adding more berry bushes to our own homestead. We already have blackberries, which we discovered by accident last year, and this year we have added strawberries. These plants are going to add to what we can produce ourselves.

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5 Edible Berry Bushes for Your Garden

Every edible landscape deserves to have one or more berry bushes. Your garden will be especially delightful when you include berries, which are some of nature’s finest offerings. If you are trying to decide which berries to include, here are a few ideas.

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A popular berry, raspberries are an enjoyable addition to many people’s gardens. Raspberries provide an array of nutrients. Raspberries also provide dietary fiber, which helps fight constipation, and more, among many other diseases and conditions.

Raspberries are a tasty addition to baking, such as in muffins and bread. With a beautiful red hue, they also add a pleasing amount of color to whatever you put them in. Try something new, such as raspberry cookies, for a bit of variety.


Blueberries are delicious in baking, whether they are in muffins, pancakes, or cobblers. Blueberry sauce or syrup is yet another way to get the most out of this delicious fruit.

They freeze well too for later use.


Strawberries are a great addition to your edible landscape. They can be grown in a variety of ways, from garden beds to containers and hanging baskets.

Strawberries are also a nice fruit to add to your picnic basket and can be dipped in chocolate for a special touch.

Slice them and sprinkle them on yogurt or cake to add some flavor, color, and a healthy dose of nutrients.

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Blackberries are definitely worthy of consideration when planning your garden. They are a very easy fruit to grow. Because viruses can be common in blackberries, obtain yours from a trusted source with a good reputation.

How to use your blackberries? First of all, they make delicious jams and jelly. Blackberries also taste great in trifles, even tossed into a salad.


Although not as well known as some of the other berries, gooseberries are berries you will want to consider planting.

There are many types of gooseberries and a number of uses for them. Gooseberries make a delightful and unique pie. These berries can be made into cordials, and sweet or savory sauces as well.

There are many types of berries that can be grown for your enjoyment. Consider trying to include at least a few different varieties in your edible landscape. Do your research and find out how to grow them organically for maximum health benefits.

Try the ones listed, and then use them in as many different ways as possible when they are ready to enjoy. You will most certainly decide that berries are a “must-have” in your edible landscape.

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