Different Types of Egg Turners for Incubators

Inside: There are different types of egg turners for incubators, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. We cover 4 different ways to turn eggs.

Egg turning is a crucial aspect of incubation. It helps to ensure that the embryos develop evenly and hatch successfully. There are different types of egg turners for incubators, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

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Different Types of Egg Turners for Incubators

Some incubators come with egg turners, some do not. If your incubator does not come with an egg turner and you want to buy one for it, make sure you are getting one that will fit and work with your incubator.

Automatic egg turners can save you a lot of time and effort in your hatch.

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Types of Egg Turners

You want to think about how much time you have for turning eggs. If you are not home to turn the eggs 3-4 times a day max then you might need to get an automatic egg tuner instead of turning eggs manually.

The nice thing about turning eggs manually is that you know when they were turned last, and every day.

Manual Egg Turning

Manual egg turning is the most basic type of egg turn. It involves physically turning the eggs by hand several times a day. This type of egg turn is suitable for small-scale incubation, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to maintain consistent turning intervals.

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Automatic Egg Turning

Automatic egg turning is like a series of rollers that the eggs lay on. It involves an incubator with automatic egg turners that rotates the eggs at regular intervals. This type of egg turner is still a little bit of work for you, but not as much as manual egg turning.

The eggs do occasionally “bunch” up at the end of the rollers, and you'll need to reset them. This is as simple as taking the bottom egg and placing it back at the top of the rows.

We have three incubators from Amazon and this is the style that they are. Yes, they are more work than the tilt egg turners are, but they are better than hand turning. I don't usually use them in my smaller incubators because of the bunching up, but I am using them in my larger incubator as I don't want to stand there and hand-turn 30+ eggs 3-4 times a day.

Tilt Egg Turning

Tilt egg turning is a type of automatic egg turning that tilts the eggs instead of rotating them. It is becoming more common. It's the style of turner that you can buy for HovaBator incubators and cabinet incubators.

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Sliding Egg Turners

This style is not meant for more fragile eggs. There is a tray in which the eggs sit, and there is often something that will slide the tray back and forth, causing the eggs to turn as the tray is slid. This is a common style of automatic egg turner that often comes with smaller incubators.

Choosing the right type of egg turner for your incubator is crucial for a successful hatch. Each type of egg turn has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the best one for you depends on your incubation needs.

With automatic eggs turners you need to remember to remove them from the incubator on day 18 for lockdown! The chicks are getting into position to hatch and you need to stop turning them. You also don't want a chick to get stuck in a turner and get hurt or killed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you need an egg turner for an incubator? If you don't have time to sit next to your incubator to make sure your eggs are turned on time, thenĀ an automatic turner is highly recommended. But you do not NEED one.

    Should I remove egg turner from incubator? On day 18 of the incubation period, you should stop turning the eggs by hand or turn off and remove the eggs from the automatic turner.

    How many times do you turn chicken eggs in an incubator? Eggs need to be turned a minimum of 3 times per day, and 5 times is even better.

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