Tips To Make Your Garden Grow This Spring

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and nature is starting to come back to life. It’s springtime! After a long winter, your garden may be in need of some TLC. Here are some tips to help your garden grow this spring, giving you a great garden to harvest this summer and fall.

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Tips To Make Your Garden Grow This Spring

Each year that you tend your garden lot it is going to get better and grow better fruits and vegetables. Each year you are adding more compost and nutrients. You are removing weeds and plants that are getting in your way.

Don't give up after one or two years. Take what you have learned and keep going.

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Start with A Plan

Decide what you want to grow and where you want to plant it. Draw up a simple diagram or map of your garden so you can keep track of what goes where.

I still need to update my list of seeds that we already have so I know what I need to order and when I need to:

Decide on where you are going to plant everything. Think back to how things grew last year if possible. Change things that didn't work, and stick with what did work.

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Start with A Clean Slate

Remove any dead leaves, branches, and debris that have accumulated over the winter. This will help your garden breathe and prepare it for new growth.

Add some compost. Compost is full of nutrients that will help your plants grow strong and healthy. You can use old chicken waste, waste that is at least a year old so you don't risk burning your plants. I believe rabbit waste is safe to use right away.

Have A Plan for Weeds

Weeds compete with your plants for water and nutrients. Getting rid of them before they have a chance to take over your garden is great, but having a plan to prevent them from growing is best. Toward the end of the season last year, I was done and weeds took over our garden.

This year we will be using a weed barrier fabric to prevent that before it happens this year. The long we tend the spot for the garden the better it will become. It is still a new garden lot.

If you go the weed barrier route, you need to make sure it is a fabric for water to get through instead of sitting on top and not getting to your plants.

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