Solar Chicken Coop Accessories You Want for Your Chicken Coop

Inside: These amazing solar chicken coop accessories. From automatic waterers to chicken door openers, these products will make your life easier.

Looking to take your chicken keeping to the next level? These amazing solar chicken coop accessories. From automatic waterers to chicken door openers, these products will make your life so much easier. And the best part is that they're all powered by the sun, so you can feel good about using renewable energy.

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Solar Chicken Coop Accessories

There are a number of solar power ideas that you can use to make your chicken coop even better! These items aren't going to run up your electric bill, which I love!

As we add things to our coop to make life better for all of us, I am only looking for solar power. Not only does it save on the power bill but it isn't going to come to a full stop when the power gets knocked out by a storm.

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Solar Lights

I like to have lights in my chicken runs. Yes, to give them more light during the early morning hours, but also for myself. It's nice to be able to see where I am going early in the morning when I open up their coop doors.

There are a number of different styles, you can pick out the one that works best for your needs.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Don't want to get up early to let your chickens out of their run in the morning? Maybe you have a crazy work schedule and you aren't always able to let them out or make sure their door is securely closed at night.

An automatic chicken coop door could be the best thing for you, and you can get a solar-powered one! Win-win.

Eye Nighttime Animal Deterrent Devices

I have not yet bought these. They are on my list of things that I HAVE to get. Have you seen my Instagram lately? We trapped two raccoons in front of our chicken runs. We did sadly lose a quail to a raccoon, which is when we set up the trap.

These animal deterrent devices could be amazing! And solar-powered!

Solar-Powered Ventilation Fans

Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining a healthy chicken coop environment. Solar-powered ventilation fans are designed to regulate temperature and air circulation, keeping the coop cool during hot days and preventing humidity buildup.

This eco-friendly solution helps create a comfortable living space for your chickens without relying on traditional electricity sources.

I actually have some of these in my greenhouse!

Solar-Powered Charging Stations:

In the age of technology, having a reliable power source for devices such as surveillance cameras or automated feeders is essential.

Solar-powered charging stations provide a sustainable solution, ensuring that your coop's electronic components are always powered, even in remote locations without access to traditional electrical outlets.

Solar Panels

While not necessarily a chicken coop accessories. Solar panels sure can come in handy for those things that you can't get in solar power like: heated waterers.

Investing in solar chicken coop accessories not only aligns with sustainable living practices but also offers practical benefits for both you and your feathered companions.

From efficient lighting to enhanced security, these solar-powered additions contribute to a greener and more self-sufficient chicken-keeping experience. Consider these accessories to create an eco-friendly and technologically advanced haven for your backyard flock.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I put solar lights around my chicken coop? You can program the solar light kit to turn on an hour or more before dawn to get their internal clock started.

    Should a chicken coop face the sun? Build your chicken coop facing the south so that the coop will receive sunlight throughout the day. For the winter months when the days are shorter and there is less sunlight, it is important to install a light in the coop.

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