Vacuum Sealers on Your Homestead

Vacuum sealers weren't on my gotta have it list. I couldn't understand why I would need one a few days ago and now I want to vacuum seal everything! I'm excited to go grocery shopping this week so I can vacuum-seal more things.

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Vacuum Sealers on Your Homestead

You're probably wondering why I bought one if I had no desire to have one. Well, it's next to impossible to buy freezer paper around here and Blake shot a deer (during hunting season) and we needed a way to wrap it to freeze it.

The way things worked out, he shot the deer the day before I planned to butcher our quail. This meant a lot of meat was going to need to be prepped and frozen. And we got our vacuum sealer 50% off.

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Using the vacuum sealer for the first time was trial and error, we started with the quail and because it was wet we had to play around a bit with the setting that was going to work best for it. Each vacuum sealer is going to work a little differently. Don't give up!

In the end, we have three bags of quail and four bags of deer meat in the freezer after our first go.

You can see it in action here in this Instagram reel.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Sealers in your Home

Vacuum-sealed bags shield items from freezer burn, and their compressed size will take up less space in your storage areas. They’re also handy for preserving leftovers—just seal them up and toss in the fridge or freezer.  

Recommended Vacuum Sealers for Homesteading:

Things You Can Vacuum Seal on a Homestead:

  • Dehydrated Fruit
  • Cheese
  • Coffee beans
  • Vegetables to freeze
  • Marinated meat
  • Cookies – made OR cookie dough scooped and ready to be baked
  • Jerky
  • and so much MORE!
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There are endless things that you can vacuum seal, including important documents that you need to keep dry and safe.

This could really come in handy when you butcher food you have grown on your homestead from meat birds to pigs to quail. It's also going to be great during garden harvest time.

The nice thing about a vacuum sealer similar to what we bought it that it isn't going to take up a lot storage space, and it's going to be easy to pull out and use for one or two things as well.

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