Crafting the Perfect Compost Pile

Master the art of composting with our easy step-by-step guide. Learn how to create a nutrient-rich compost pile to enrich your garden soil and support plant growth.

First things first, pick a spot in your yard that's flat, well-drained, and easily accessible.

Start your pile with a layer of browns at the bottom. This layer helps with drainage and aeration, setting the stage for successful composting.

After the brown layer, add your greens. Try to keep a rough ratio of 3 parts browns to 1 part greens by volume.

Moisture is crucial for composting, but you don't want your pile to be too wet or too dry.

You need to turn your pile with a garden fork every few weeks to introduce air into the mix.

Your compost is ready to use when it's dark, crumbly, and smells like earth.

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