How to Stop Chickens Eating Feathers

Explore the curious phenomenon of chickens eating feathers in our article, uncovering the reasons behind this intriguing behavior.

Feathers are a rich source of protein and are not only an attractive treat for chickens but also contribute to their overall nutritional intake.

Calcium is crucial for the formation of strong eggshells, and chickens may instinctively seek out additional sources of this mineral when needed.

Chickens may engage in feather pecking and eating as a coping mechanism in response to stressors within their environment.

To prevent or address feather pecking, chicken keepers should ensure their birds have: – a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs – adequate space – environmental enrichment – opportunities for natural foraging

A suitable environment, a balanced diet, and addressing stressors, chicken enthusiasts can create a harmonious and healthy living space for their feathered friends.

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