How To Clean And Care for Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a beautiful and natural resource. It's important to take care of it so it lasts for years. Follow these simple tips to keep your wood furniture looking and feeling its best without chemicals.


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How To Clean And Care for Your Wood Furniture, the Eco-Friendly Way

Most people will own wood furniture at some point in their lives, for the beauty of it and because it’s a natural product. With wood furniture comes the need to treat and care for the wood to beautify it and lengthen its life.

Wood cleaners and polishers on the market today are often filled with chemicals. They aren’t always good for the wood and may be hazardous to your home and your family.

Are there any eco-friendly methods to clean and care for your wood without jeopardizing your family’s health?

While wood furniture loves moisture, it’s not a good idea to clean wood furniture with water. If you must use water on wood furniture, make sure you follow that with oil or polish. So, if you’re not supposed to clean wood with water, what would be the best thing to use?

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Toothpaste for Water Rings

If you’ve left a glass on your table and it’s caused a watermark, you can rub toothpaste onto the wood to remove the watermarks. Follow the toothpaste with a combination of two teaspoons of lemon oil and one pint of mineral oil. Spray this mixture onto the table, rub it in, and then wipe it clean.

Using Beeswax for Polishing

One of the best products you can use to polish wood furniture is beeswax. This will give the wood a beautiful shine and will develop an antique patina in the wood.

A mixture of beeswax and olive oil is one of the best ways to polish your furniture, but you should be careful when combining the ingredients. Melt one ounce of beeswax then adds one cup of olive oil. Use this mixture to polish wood furniture or wood floors.

Olive Oil

Another wood cleaning combination that you can make at home also includes olive oil. Mix one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. Use a soft, dry cloth and rub this mixture into the wood. Your furniture will love you for it. It will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and will protect it as well

A Cup of Tea to Brighten Up Furniture

If you have light-colored, unpolished furniture but would like to brighten it up, use this eco-friendly alternative. Wipe down the furniture with cold tea. This will bring out the grain of the wood, and will also darken the wood slightly.

Cleaning wood furniture isn’t difficult to do. The products you use can be friendly to the environment, and your family, and they will beautify your furniture for a long time to come.

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