Edible Landscaping Plants for Your Backyard

There are many edible landscaping plants that you can choose from. Pick any plants you desire, depending on what looks beautiful, smells delicious, and tastes divine. Make your landscape uniquely yours by growing different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

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Edible Landscaping Plants for Your Backyard

Edible landscaping has become quite popular, and there is a wide variety of info becoming available on this subject. There are many different types of plants that a person can use in their edible landscaping.

Part of the decision depends on where you live, how large of a space you have, and of course personal preference. What are some great plants for your edible landscape, and how can you decide which to choose?

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As long as you have enough room, trees are a fabulous addition to your edible landscape. There are many varieties that may suit your geographic area well. Trees can provide the shade that some plants need to grow.

Apple trees are one of the most popular varieties, with many different kinds that you may enjoy. Apples are one of the most well-known fruits, and there is no shortage of recipes and ideas for your harvest.

Some other trees that you may want in your landscape are pear and peach trees. Cherries are always a winner as well, with bright red, tasty fruit.

If you are looking for something with a more savory harvest, olive trees yield a delicious addition to your kitchen ingredients. Just make sure you look to see what is going to grow the best in your area.


Flowers are a mainstay of any edible landscape. Beautiful to look at, there are also many uses for flowers of the edible variety.

Some popular types to include are pansies, lilacs, daisies, and calendula. Sunflowers yield delicious seeds for an easy snack. There are many uses for edible flowers such as cake and other food decorating, as well as subtle flavoring.

You can even freeze tiny flowers with water in ice cube trays for a special touch in your water jug.


Herbs are as popular as ever when it comes to gardening, and they belong in almost every edible landscape.

Mint is extremely versatile and grows easily, making it a perfect spread for anywhere that you need an easy and quick covering.

Chives are delicious cut onto baked potatoes and into almost any other savory side dishes, and their beautiful flowers add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Basil and thyme are delightful additions to your landscape that you will enjoy using in much of your cooking, and both are fairly easy to grow.

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Shrubs are a nice addition as an edible landscaping plant since they are often of medium height and can bridge the gap between trees and shorter plants such as flowers.

Some bushes you may be interested in obtaining for your landscape are any type of berries. Berries are always popular and never go out of style. Figs and pomegranates are other bushes that also yield delicious results.


Vegetables should not be forgotten in an edible landscape. There are so many kinds to choose from, and they are what many people think of when edible landscaping comes to mind.

Tomatoes (strictly speaking a fruit) give you a nice, bright burst of color in any garden.

Carrots and radishes are always exciting to dig for when they have grown to full maturity.

Beautiful, leafy vegetables such as lettuce and Swiss chard cover the ground with green in many beautiful textures and shades.

There are many edible landscaping plants you can plant in any region so you can be self-sufficient. Think about what types of plants you want to plant and create your edible landscape uniquely by you.

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