Exploring the Scents of Common Herbs

Smells can trigger memories from the past. They can also lighten the mood and help one to relax. Consider the scents that the herbs have you start your indoor herbs. I love having fresh herbs in my kitchen just for the fresh scents of common herbs.

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Exploring the Scents of Common Herbs

Herbs can have a number of uses. One, they are great for cooking. Move away from simply seasoning your food with pepper and salt. Herbs can really step up your culinary game.

There are medicinal uses for herbs. This type of herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years with many positive results.

Herbs are used in aromatherapy. This is a branch of alternative medicine that uses smells as therapy. It is common in massage therapy to use essential herbal oils.

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Herbs and Their Scents

Let’s take a peek at some of the herbs commonly used today. Could you pick them out just by the smell? If not, maybe you’ll become that much more familiar after we describe them to you here.

Mint – It smells fresh, clean, and piquant. Peppermint is a hybrid plant, a product of water mint and spearmint. Most people cook with spearmint because of the stronger peppery taste and smell of peppermint.

Lemongrass – It’s not one that many American cooks use but if you are a fan of Asian cuisine (which is everywhere in America) then you have probably noticed the lemony undertones of lemongrass in some of the dishes. It is used a lot in Vietnamese and Thai foods.

Basil – If you use the sweet kind then you might notice some hints of licorice in the smell and the taste.

Rosemary – Used in Mediterranean cuisine, this herb smells like pine and lemon.

Oregano – A much-loved herb, it has a potent earthy smell and flavor that stands out on pizza and in sauces.

Lavender – This herb boasts beautiful purple blooms as well as a light and floral scent. It is calming.

Chives – They are often seen atop baked potatoes or mashed potatoes. Their distinct onion smell can also add a slight taste of it to your dishes.

Sage – A popular herb around the holidays. It reminds you of Thanksgiving and Christmas when you smell that earthy eucalyptus, cedar, and mint scent.

Dill – It has a sort of a grassy smell and taste when added to seafood and sauces. It makes great pickles, too.

Thyme – You can detect a hint of mint and citrus in the dishes spiced with it.

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From the earthy aroma of rosemary to the sweet fragrance of lavender, herbs offer a wide range of scents that can enhance our senses and well-being. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply curious about the power of aromas, you'll find plenty of insights and inspiration in our guide to the scents of common herbs.

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